yup युप्

Definition: cl.4 P. (; see yūpa-) yupyati- (only in perfect tense yuy/opa-; grammar also Aorist ayupat-; future yopitā-, yopiṣyati-), to debar, obstruct, disturb, trouble, confuse, efface, remove, destroy ; to be effaced or concealed : Causal yop/ayati- (Aorist ayūyupat-), to efface, obliterate, conceal, remove, destroy : Intensive yoyupy/ate-, to make level, smooth

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxvi , 124, RV., AV., RV. i , 104 , 4, RV., TS., Br., TS., S3Br.
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