yukti युक्ति

Definition: f. union, connexion; combination of words, sentence (rare); preparation for (lc. or --°ree; of vbl. n.); application, employ ment, use; means, expedient, contrivance, artifice, trick (w. d. or lc. of vbl. n., or yathâ and pot.); magical agency; reasoning, argu ing; argument, proof; reason, motive (rare); suitableness, propriety, aptness, correctness; sensible reflexion, contemplation of the cir cumstances (dr.): -m kri, discover an ex pedient, employ or point out a device; --°ree;, in. sg. & pl., -tas, by means of (--°ree;); °ree;-or in. pl. subtilely, artfully; by means of a cunning device, under some pretext; in. and -tas, suitably, properly, justly; -tas, ad. by means of an argument.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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