yuk युक्

Definition: augment य् (1) added to a verbbase or a root ending in अा before the affix चिण् and krt affixes marked with mute ञ् or णु: e.g. अदायि, दायक: cf. आतो युक् चिण्कृतोः, P.VII.3.33; (2) added to the roots शा, (शो), छा (छो), सा (सो), ह्वा (ह्वे), व्या (व्ये) वा (वै) and पा (पा and पे) before the causal affix णिच्; e. g. निशाययति पाययति etc. cf शाच्छासाह्वाव्यावेपां युक् P. VII.3.37; (3) added in Vedic Literature to the frequentative base of the root मृज् of which मर्मज्य is the form of perf Ist and 3rd pers. sing. instead of ममार्ज: cf. दाधर्ति...ममृज्यागनीगन्तीति च P.VII.4.65.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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