yuj युज्

Definition: युज् a. (At the end of comp.) 1 Joined or united with, yoked, drawn by &c.; रथाः सर्वे चतुर्युजः Mb.12.29. 66. -2 Furnished or filled with, possessed of. -3 Exciting, setting on. -4 Even, not odd. युक्षु कुर्वन् दिनर्क्षेषु सर्वान् कामान् समश्नुते Ms.3.277; कामानुकूलानयुजो युजश्च Mb.3.34. 5. -m. 1 A joiner, one who unites or joins. -2 A sage, one who devotes himself to abstract meditation. -3 A pair, couple (n. also in this sense). -m. dual. 1 The sign Gemini of the zodiac. -2 The two Aśvins.

Dictionary: Apte
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