yugma युग्म

Definition: lit, pair; the word is used for the second and fourth consonants ख्, घ्, छ्, झ् etc. of the five classes which, in a way are combinations of two consonants; cf. युग्माः सोष्माण: R. T. 16; cf also युग्मौ सोष्माणौ where the word सोष्मन् is explained as उष्म। वायुस्तेन सह वर्तन्त इति सोष्माण: | खघ छझ टढ थध फभ: cf.also युग्मयोद्वितीयचतुर्थयोः; (2) even, as opposed to odd, referring to the vowels ओ and औ which are even in the enumeration ए ओ ऐ अौ. The consonants called युग्म viz. ख, घ and others which are defined as युग्म are also the even consonants in their classes.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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