yugam युगम्

Definition: युगम् 1 A yoke (m. also in this sense); युगव्यायतबाहुः R.3.34;1.87; Śi.3.68. -2 A pair, couple, brace; कुचयोर्युगेन तरसा कलिता Śi.9.72; स्तनयुग Ś.1.19. -3 A couple of stanzas forming one sentence; see युग्म. -4 An age of the world; (the Yugas are four:-- कृत or सत्य, त्रेता, द्वापर and कलि; the duration of each is said to be respectively 1,728,; 1,296,; 864.; and 432, years of men, the four together comprising 4,32, years of men which is equal to one Mahāyuga q. v.; it is also supposed that the regularly descending length of the Yugas represents a corresponding physical and moral deterioration in the people who live during each age, Krita being called the 'golden' and Kali or the present age the 'iron' age); धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय संभवामि युगे युगे Bg.4.8; युगशतपरिवर्तान् Ś7.34. -5 (Hence) A long period of years (कालचक्र); युगं वा परिवर्तेत यद्येवं स्याद् यथा$$त्थ माम् Mb.5.16.99. -6 A generation, life; आ सप्तमाद् युगात् Ms.1.64; जात्युत्कर्षो युगे ज्ञेयः पञ्चमे सप्तमे$पि वा Y.1.96. (युगे = जन्मनि Mit.). -7 An expression for the number 'four', rarely for 'twelve', -8 A period of five years. -9 A measure of length equal to four Hastas. -1 A part of a chariot or plough. -11 Name of a particular configuration of the moon. -Comp. -अंशकः a year. -अध्यक्षः 1 Name of Prajāpati. -2 of Śiva. -अन्तः 1 the end of the yoke. -2 the end of an age, end or destruction of the world; युगान्तकालप्रति- संहृतात्मनो जगन्ति यस्यां सविकासमासत Śi.1.23; R.13.6. -3 meridian, mid-day. -अन्तर 1 a kind of yoke. -2 a succeeding generation. -3 another division of the sky; युगान्तरमारूढः सविता Ś.4. -अवधिः end or destruction of the world; पयस्यभिद्रवति भुवं युगावधौ Śi.17.4. -आद्या the first day of a Yuga. -कीलकः the pin of a yoke. -क्षयः destruction of the world. -धरः the pole of a carriage. -धुर् f. the pin of a yoke. -पत्रः, -पत्रकः the mountain ebony. -पार्श्वग a. going to the side of the yoke, (said of an ox while being broken in to the yoke). -बाहु a. long-armed; युगपद्युगबाहुभ्यः प्राप्तेभ्यः प्राज्यविक्रमाः Ku.2.18. -मात्रम् the length of a yoke (= 4 hands). -वरत्रम् a yoke-strap; युगवरत्रे उपदंशिते ईषाचक्रादिसंनिधाने चेद् अक्षमानयेत्युच्यते तदा यानाक्षमधिकृत्य ब्रूते इति गम्यते, न तु विदेवनाक्षमिति ŚB. on MS.6.8.35.

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