yuddha युद्ध

Definition: युद्ध p. p. 1 Fought, encountered. -2 Conquered, subdued. -द्धम् [युध्-भावादौ क्त] 1 War, battle, fight, engagement, contest, struggle, combat; वत्स केयं वार्ता युद्धं युद्धमिति U.6. -2 (In astr.) The opposition or conflict of planets. -Comp. -अवसानम् cessation of hostilities, a truce. -अवहारिकम् booty; युद्धावहारिकं यच्च पितुः स्यात् स हरेत् तु तत् Mb.13.47.49. -आचार्यः a military preceptor; Ms.3.162. -उद्योगः, -उद्यमः vigorous or warlike preparations. -उपकरणम् a war-implement. -उन्मत्त a. frantic in battle. -कारिन् a. fighting, contending. -गान्धर्वम् battle-music. -तन्त्रम् military science. -द्यूतम् chance of war. -ध्यानः battle-cry. -भूः, -भूमिः f. a battle-field. -मार्गः military stratagems or tactics, manœuvres. -योजक a. eager for battle. -रङ्गः 1 a battle-field, battle arena. -2 Name of Kārtikeya. -वर्णः a sort of battle. -वस्तु n. an implement of war. -विद्या, -शास्त्रम् military science or art, science of war. -वीरः 1 a warrior, hero, champion. -2 (in Rhet.) the sentiment of heroism arising out of military prowess, the sentiment of chivalrous heroism; see S. D.234 and R. G. under युद्धवीर. -व्यतिक्रमः violation of the rules of combat. -शीलिन् a. heroic, valiant. -सारः a horse. -a. provoking (as speech).

Dictionary: Apte
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