yogya योग्य

Definition: योग्य a. [योगमर्हति यत्, युज् ण्यत् वा] 1 Fit, proper, suitable, appropriate, qualified; योग्यो$यं दृश्यते नरः -2 Fit or suitable for, qualified for, capable of, able to (with loc., dat. or even gen. or in comp.). -3 Useful, serviceable. -4 Fit for Yoga or abstract meditation. -5 (In Nyāya phil.) Amenable to the senses, capable of being directly cognized. -ग्यः 1 A calculator of expedients. -2 The asterism Puṣya. -3 A draught animal. -ग्या 1 Excercise or practice in general; तद् यथा भूमिरथिको भूमौ रथमालिख्य योग्यां करोति । सा तस्य योग्या प्रयोगकाले सौकर्यमुत्पादयति । ŚB. on MS.7.2.15; योग्या- मुपास्ते नु युवां युयुक्षुः N.3.117; अपरः प्रणिधानयोग्यया मरुतः पञ्च शरीरगोचरान् R.8.19; so मानयोग्या Kāv.2.243; धनु- र्योग्या, अस्त्रयोग्या Rām.2.1.12. &c. -2 Martial excercise, drill. -3 The earth. -4 Name of a wife of Sūrya. -ग्यम् 1 A conveyance, carriage, vehicle. -2 Sandal-wood. -3 A cake. -4 Milk.

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