yogin योगिन्

Definition: योगिन् a. [युज् घिनुण्, योग-इनि वा] 1 Connected or endowed with. -2 Possessed of magical powers. -3 Endowed or provided with, possessing. -4 Practising Yoga. -m. 1 A contemplative saint, a devotee, an ascetic; आत्मौपम्येन सर्वत्र समं पश्यति यो$र्जुन । सुखं वा यदि वा दुःखं स योगी परमो मतः ॥ Bg.6.32; see the sixth adhyāya inter alia; सेवाधर्मः परमगहनो योगिनामप्यगम्यः Pt.1.285; बभूव योगी किल कार्तवीर्यः R.6.38. -2 A magician, sorcerer. -3 A follower of the Yoga system of philosophy. -4 Name of Yājñavalkya. -5 Of Arjuna. -6 Of Viṣṇu. -7 Of Śiva. -8 Name of a mixed caste. -नी 1 A female magician, witch, sorceress, fairy. -2 A female devotee. -3 Name of a class of female attendants on Śiva or Durgā; बलीनदात् योगिनीभ्यो दिक्पालेभ्यो$प्यनेकधा Śiva B. 6.51; (they are usually said to be eight). -4 Name of Durgā. -Comp. -इन्द्रः, -ईशः 1 the chief of saints. -2 Name of Yājñavalkya. -ईश्वरी the chief of magicians. -इष्टम् lead. -दण्डः a kind of reed. -निद्रा light-sleep, wakefulness. -मार्गः the air, atmosphere.

Dictionary: Apte
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