yavanaḥ यवनः

Definition: यवनः [यु-युच्] 1 A Greek, an Ionian. -2 Any foreigner, or barbarian; Ms.1.44; (the word is applied at present to a Mahomedan or a European also). -3 A carrot. -4 Olibanum. -5 A courser or swift horse. -6 Speed. -7 Wheat. -8 A kind of grass. -नाः (m. pl.) 1 The Ionians or Greeks. -2 The Greek astrologers. -नम् Mixing, mingling (esp. with water). -Comp. -अरिः Name of Kṛiṣṇa. -आचार्यः the reputed author of astronomical book called Tājak. -इष्टः 1 a kind of garlic. -2 a kind of onion. -3 the Nimba tree. (-ष्टा) the wild date-tree. (-ष्टम्) 1 lead. -2 an onion or garlic. -3 pepper. -देशजम् benzoin. -द्विष्टः bdellium. -प्रियम् pepper.

Dictionary: Apte
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