yatas यतस्

Definition: यतस् ind. [तद्-तसिल्] (often used merely for the abl. of the relative pronoun यद्) 1 From whence (referring to persons or things), from what, from which place or quarter; यतस्त्वया ज्ञानमशेषमाप्तम् R.5.4. (यतः = यस्मात् from whom); यतश्च भयमाशङ्केत् प्राचीं तां कल्पयेद् दिशम् Ms.7.189. -2 For which reason, wherefore, in consequence of which. -3 As, since, for, because; उवाच चैनं परमार्थतो हरं न वेत्सि नूनं यत एवमात्थ माम् Ku.5.75; R.8.76;13.61; oft. with ततः as correlative. -4 From which time forward, ever since. -5 That, so that, (यतस्ततः means 1 from which place soever, from any quarter whatever. -2 from any person whatever. -3 anywhere soever, on all sides, in any direction; न विद्यमानेष्वर्थेषु नार्त्यामपि यतस्ततः Ms.4.15. यतो यतः 1 from whatever place. -2 from whomsoever, from any person whatever. -3 wherever, in whatever direction; यतो यतः षट्चरणो$- भिवर्तते Ś.1.23; यतो यतो निश्चरति मनश्चञ्चलमस्थिरम् Bg.6.26. यतःप्रमृति from which time forward.) -Comp. -भव a. arising from which. -मूल a. originating in, or sprung from which.

Dictionary: Apte
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