yantram यन्त्रम्

Definition: यन्त्रम् [यन्त्र्-अच्] 1 That which restrains or fastens, any prop or support, a stay; as in गृहयन्त्र (see the quotation under this word.). -2 A fetter, band, fastening, tie, thong, rein; छेदने चैव यन्त्राणाम् Ms.8.292. -3 A surgical instrument, especially a blunt instrument (opp. शस्त्र). -4 Any instrument or machine, an appliance, a contrivance, implement in general; कूपयन्त्र Mk.1.6 'a machine for drawing up water from a well'; so तैल˚ (cf. यन्त्रं तिलपीडनकम् Chandu Paṇdita on N.1.6;22.87); जल˚ &c. -5 A bolt, lock, key; यन्त्रैरुद्घाटयामास सो$पश्यत् तत्र बालकम् Mb.3.39.6. -6 Restraint, force. -7 An amulet, a mystical or astronomical diagram used as an amulet. -8 A boring machine; दन्तौघयन्त्रोद्भवश्वभ्राली N.22.15. -Comp. -आरूढ a. mounted on the revolving engine; भ्रामयन् सर्वभूतानि यन्त्रारूढानि मायया Bg. -आलयः a printing-press. -उपलः a mill, mill-stone. -करण्डिका a kind of magical basket. -कर्मकृत् m. an artist, artisan. -कोविदः a mechanist; Rām.2.8.2 (com. यन्त्रकोविदाः क्षेपणीयादि- यन्त्रकरणकुशलाः). -गृहम् 1 an oil-mill. -2 a manufactory. -3 a torture-chamber; Buddh. -गोलः 1 a kind of pea. -2 a canon-ball. -चेष्टितम् any magical work, an enchantment. -तक्षन् m. 1 a constructor of machines. -2 a preparer of charms. -तोरणम् a mechanical arch (fitted with contrivances to move it). -दृढ a. secured by a bolt (as a door). -धारागृहम् a room fitted with shower-bath; a bath-room. -नालम् a mechanical pipe or tube. -पुत्रकः, -पुत्रिका a mechanical doll, a puppet furnished with contrivances, such as strings, for moving the limbs. -पेषणी a hand-mill. -प्रवाहः an artificial stream of water; यन्त्रप्रवाहैः शिशिरैः परीतान् R.16.49. -बद्ध a. having a mechanical contrivance; यन्त्रबद्धतलाव- पातं कारयेत् Kau. A.1.2. -मार्गः a canal or an aqueduct. -मुक्तम् a kind of weapon. -विधिः m. the science of surgical instruments. -शरः an arrow or any missile shot off by means of machinery. -सद्मन् n. an oil-mill. -सूत्रम् the cord attached to the mechanism of a doll or puppet.

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