yajus यजुस्

Definition: यजुस् n. [यज्-उसि] 1 A sacrificial prayer or formula; तां कामयानां भगवानुवाह यजुषां पतिः Bhāg.4.1.6. -2 A text of the Yajurveda, or the body of sacred mantras in prose muttered at sacrifices; वृत्तगीतिवर्जितत्वेन प्रश्लिष्टपठिता मन्त्रा यजूंषि Sāyaṇa; cf. मन्त्र. -3 Name of the Yajurveda. -4 Ved. Worship, oblation. -Comp. -उदरः Ved. an epithet of Brahman. -पतिः Name of Viṣṇu. -विद् a. knowing the sacrificial formulæ. -वेदः the second of the three (or four, including the Atharvaveda) principal Vedas, which is a collection of sacred texts in prose relating to sacrifices; it has two chief branches or recensions :-- the तैत्तिरीय or कृष्ण- यजुर्वेद and बाजसनेयी or शुक्लयजुर्वेद.

Dictionary: Apte
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