yajamāna यजमान

Definition: यजमान a. [यज्-शानच्] Sacrificing, worshipping. -नः 1 A person who performs a regular sacrifice and pays its expenses; जगाम यज्वा यजमानलोकम् R.18.12; ततः प्रविशति कुशानादाय यजमानशिष्यः Ś. -2 A person who employs a priest or priests to sacrifice for him. -3 (Hence) A host, patron, rich man. -4 The head of a family. -5 The head of a tribe. -Comp. -शिष्यः the pupil of a sacrificing Brāhmaṇa (of one who himself performs a sacrifice); Ś.4.

Dictionary: Apte
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