yāvat यावत्

Definition: mf(atī-)n. (fr. 3. ya-;correlative of tāvat- q.v) as great, as large, as much, as many, as often, as frequent, as far, as long, as old etc. (or how great etc. = quantus, quot or qualis) etc. (y/āvantaḥ k/iyantaḥ-,"as many as"; y/āvad vā yāvad vā-,"as much as possible"; yāvat tāvat-,"so much as", in algebra applied to the first unknown quantity [= x] or so much of the unknown as its co-efficient number;in this sense also expressed by the first syllable - see ; iti yāvat-in Comms. "just so much","only so","that is to say","such is the explanation")

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., TBr., S3Br., IW. 182
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