yāc याच्

Definition: cl.1 P. A1. () y/ācati-, te- (usually A1.in sense of"asking for one's self"; perfect tense yayāca- grammar, yayāce- etc.; Aorist ayācīt-, ciṣṭa- subjunctive yāciṣat-, ṣāmahe- ; preceding yācyāt- grammar; future yācitā- ; yāciṣyati-, te- etc.; infinitive mood yācitum- etc.; ind.p. yācitvā-, -y/ācya- etc.), to ask, beg, solicit, entreat, require, implore (with double accusative;or with ablative,rarely genitive case of Persian;the thing asked may also be in accusative with prati-,or in dative case,or in the beginning of a compound with arthe-,or artham-) etc. ; (with p/unar-) to ask anything back ; (with kanyām-) to be a suitor for a girl, to ask a girl in marriage from (ablative,rarely accusative) or for (kṛte-or arthe-;also with vivāhārtham-) etc. ; to offer or tender anything (accusative) to (dative case) ; to promise (?) : Passive voice yācyate-, to be asked ("for", accusative;rarely of things) etc. ; Causal yāc/ayati- (te- ; Aorist ayayācat- ), to cause to ask or woo ; to request anything (accusative) for (arthe-) : Desiderative yiyāciṣate- Va1rtt. 3 : Intensive yāyācyate-, yāyākti- grammar

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxi , 3, Br., RV., ib., Br., AV., Br., RV., TBr., MBh., Ka1v., AV., ib., MBh., Ka1v., AV., Pa1n2. 7-4 , 2, MBh., Pan5cat., Pa1n2. 6-1 , 8, Pat.
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