vyavahita व्यवहित

Definition: व्यवहित p. p. 1 Placed apart. -2 Separated by anything intervening; मृदुव्यवहितं तेजो भोक्तुमर्थान् प्रकल्पते Śi.2.85. -3 Interrupted, stopped, obstructed, impeded. -4 Screened from view, hidden, concealed. -5 Not immediately connected. -6 Done, performed. -7 Passed over, omitted. -8 Surpassed, excelled. -9 Hostile; opposed. -1 Remote, distant. -Comp. -कल्पना A mode of construction in which words or phrases which are separated from one another by some otherintervening words, pharses or sentences are constructed together as forming a sentence. This mode is as a general rule not admissible and is worse than even लक्षणा (see व्यवधान); सत्रविश्वजित्सम्बन्धे व्यवहितकल्पना स्यात् ŚB. on MS.6.4.33;7.4.1.व्यवधारणकल्पना vyavadhāraṇakalpanāव्यवधारणकल्पना f. A mode of interpreting a sentence where words or expressions connected with one another are treated as being not so connected, disconnecting what is connected; ŚB. on MS.1.2.1; सैषा व्यवधारणकल्पना । तमस्मै भक्षं प्रयच्छेत् तमस्मै भक्षं कुर्यादित्यर्थः ŚB. on MS.3.5.48.

Dictionary: Apte
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