vyapekṣā व्यपेक्षा

Definition: mutual relationship in sense, as obtaining between two different words (पद) connected with each other in a sentence, as contrasted with compositeness of sense as seen in two words joined into a compound word (समास); व्यपेक्षा is given as an alternative definition of the word सामर्थ्य along with एकार्थीभाव as the other one, in the Mahabhasya: e. g. there is व्यपेक्षा between सर्पिः and पिब in the sentence सर्पिष्पिब, but not in तिष्ठतु सर्पिः पिब त्वमुद्कम्: cf. तथेदमपरं द्वैतं भवति एकार्थाभावो वा सामर्थ्यं स्याद् व्यपेक्षा वेति ! M. Bh. on P. II,1.1; cf, also Kas. on P, VIII.3 44.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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