vyāvṛt व्यावृत्

Definition: A1. -vartate- (rarely P.), to become separated or singled out from (instrumental case) ; to become separated or distinct, be distinguished as or in some particular form of. ; to turn or wind in different directions, divide (as a road) ; to be dispersed (as an army) ; to be opened ; to turn away from, part with, get rid of (instrumental case or ablative) ; to diverge from, be inconsistent with (ablative) ; to go away, depart ; to come back, return ; to turn round, revolve ; to sink (as the sun) ; to come to an understanding or settlement ; to come to an end, cease, perish, disappear etc.: Causal -vartayati- (Passive voice -vartyate-), to divide, separate from (instrumental case or ablative; ind.p. -vartya-,"with the exception of") . etc. ; to free from (instrumental case) ; to turn about or round ; to keep back, avert ; to throw about, strew ; to exchange, substitute one for another ; to lay aside (the staff) ; (with anyathā-) to retract (a word) ; to remove (pain or distress) ; to destroy or annul (an enemy or a rule) : Desiderative -vivṛsate-, to wish or intend to liberate one's self from or get rid of (ablative)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., AV., Br., MaitrUp., MBh., Hariv., Sus3r., Ragh., Katha1s., Sarvad., S3a1ntis3., Ratna7v., Ra1jat., R., MBh., AitBr., MBh., Hariv., Ba1lar., TBr., MaitrS., MBh., Ka1d., R., MBh., Hariv., R., MBh., Vikr., Ragh. xv , 7, S3Br.
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