vyāsa व्यास

Definition: m. "arranger, compiler", Name of a celebrated mythical sage and author (often called veda-vyāsa- and regarded as the original compiler and arranger of the veda-s, vedānta-- sūtra-s etc.;he was the son of the sage parāśara- and satyavatī-, and half-brother of vicitra-vīrya- and bhīṣma-;he was also called vādarāyaṇa- or bādarāyaṇa-, and kṛṣṇa- from his dark complexion, and dvaipāyana- because he was brought forth by satyavatī- on a dvīpa- or island in the Jumna;when grown up he retired to the wilderness to lead the life of a hermit, but at his mother's request returned to become the husband of vicitra-vīrya-'s two childless widows, by whom he was the father of the blind dhṛta-rāṣṭra- and of pāṇḍu-; he was also the father of vidura- [ q.v ] by a slave girl, and of śuka-, the supposed narrator of the bhāgavata-- purāṇa-, he was also the supposed compiler of the mahā-bhārata-, the purāṇa-s, and other portions of Hindu sacred literature; but the name vyāsa- seems to have been given to any great typical compiler or author) see