vivikta विविक्त

Definition: pp. √ vik; n. solitude, lonely place; pureness: -tâ, f. distinction, discrimination; isolation; purity, -tva, n. solitude, -½âsana, a. sitting in a sequestered place; -viktî-kri, empty, clear; leave; -vik shu, des. a. [√ vis] wishing or about to enter; (ví)-viki, a. distinguishing, discriminating; -vit-sâ, des. f. [√ 1. vid] desire to know; -vit-su, des. a. wishing to know; -vid-i-shâ, des. f. desire to know; -vid-i-shu, des. a. wishing to know; -vidha, a. [having different kinds: vidhâ] of various sorts, manifold, divers: -m, ad. variously, -rupa-bhrit, a. having various forms, -sâstra-goshthî, f. discourse about various sciences; -vibhakti ka, a. lacking case-terminations.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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