vivic विविच्

Definition: P. -vinakti-, to sift (especially grain by tossing or blowing), divide asunder, separate from (instrumental case or ablative) to shake through (accusative) ; to cause to lose, deprive of (ablative) ; to distinguish, discern, discriminate to decide (a question) ; to investigate, examine, ponder, deliberate ; to show, manifest, declare : Passive voice -vicyate-, to go asunder, separate (in. trans.) : Causal -vecayati-, to separate, distinguish ; to ponder, investigate, examine

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: S3Br., S3rS., BhP., RV. i , 39 , 5, Bhat2t2., Kat2hUp., BhP., MBh., Ka1v., Katha1s., BhP., MBh., AV., Mn., Sus3r., Pan5car., Sa1h.
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