vitata वितत

Definition: वितत p. p. 1 Spread out, extended, stretched; अमुं यज्ञं विततमेयाय Ch. Up.1.1.7. -2 Elongated, large, long, broad; विततवपुषा महाहिना Ki.12.22; भवति वितत- श्वासोन्नाहप्रणुन्नपयोधरम् Māl.1.15. -3 Performed, accomplished, effected; विततयज्ञः Ś.7.34. -4 Covered. -5 Diffused. -6 Gone away; शब्दवेध्यं च विततम् Rām 1.5. 2. -7 Drawn (as a bow string). -8 Bent (as a bow); (see तन् with वि). -तम् 1 Any stringed instrument, such as a lute &c. -2 A shoot, tendril (प्रतान); विचिताश्च महागुल्मा लताविततसंतताः Rām.4.47.12. -Comp. -उत्सव a. one who has arranged a festival. -धन्वन् a. one who has fully drawn or stretched his bow.

Dictionary: Apte
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