vitṝ वितॄ

Definition: P. -tarati-, -tirati- (Ved. infinitive mood -t/ire-), to pass across or through, traverse, pervade ; to bring away, carry off, remove ; to cross, frustrate, disappoint (a wish) ; to extend, prolong ; to give away (also in marriage), grant, afford, bestow, yield etc. (with āsanam-,to offer a seat;with dvāram-,to grant admittance;with uttaram-,to favour with an answer;with darśanam-,or dṛṣṭim-,to grant a sight, i.e. give an audience) ; to give (medicine), apply (a remedy) ; to produce, effect, perform, accomplish : Caus: -tārayati-, to pass (a comb) through, comb out ; to carry out, accomplish : Intensive -tartūryate- (parasmE-pada -t/arturāṇa-or -t/aritrat-), to pass over violently, labour or perform energetically

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., ib., TS., ib., ib., MBh., Ka1v., Sus3r., Ka1v., Ra1jat., BhP., S3Br., S3a1n3khS3r., RV.
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