vistṛ विस्तृ

Definition: (or stṝ-) P. A1. -stṛṇoti-, -stṛṇute- ; -stṛṇāti-, -stṛṇīte- (Epic also -starati-; ind.p. -stīrya-,or -stṛtya-), to spread out, scatter, strew (sacrificial grass) ; to expand, extend (wings) ; to spread abroad, diffuse, divulge ; to enlarge or expatiate upon, speak diffusely about (accusative) (vi-stīrya- ind.copiously, at large) ; (with vacanam-) to exchange words, converse with (instrumental case) : Passive voice -stīryate- or -staryate- (future -stariṣyate-), to be spread abroad or widely diffused ; to be explained : Causal -stārayati-, to spread, extend, diffuse, display etc. (-stārya-,fully, copiously, at length) ; to discuss in detail ; to expose (wares for sale)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: R., R., BhP., MBh., Ka1v., ib., Mn., Pan5cat., BhP., DivyA7v., Mn., MBh., Kull., Das3.
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