visarjanam विसर्जनम्

Definition: विसर्जनम् 1 Emitting, sending forth, pouring down; समतया वसुवृष्टिविसर्जनैः R.9.6. -2 Giving away, a gift, donation; R.9.6. -3 Voiding; वाष्वग्निविप्रमादित्यमपः पश्यंस्तथैव गाः । न कदाचन कुर्वीत बिण्मूत्रस्य विसर्जनम् ॥ Ms.4.48. -4 Casting off, quitting, abandoning; श्रुतदेहविसर्जनः पितुः R.8.25. -5 Sending away, dismissal. -6 Allowing (the deity invoked) to go (opp. आवाहन). -7 Setting a bull at liberty on certain occasions. -8 Driving out (cows to pasture). -9 Product, creation.

Dictionary: Apte
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