visarjana विसर्जन

Definition: n. cessation, end, re moval (V., E.); creating (RV.); C.: relin quishment, desertion; discharge, emission; sending away, dismission of a person; driv ing of cows to pasture (--°ree;); bestowing, giving; -sarganîya, m. final aspirate (gr.); -sargita, cs. pp. (√ srig) abandoned, turned adrift; -sarpa, m. spread, diffusion; ery sipelas, and similar kinds of inflammation; -sarpana, a. spreading; n. shifting (int.); diffusion, increase; (ví)-sarpin, a. coming forth, issuing, against (--°ree;); moving or glid ing about; spreading, diffusing itself.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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