viruc विरुच्

Definition: A1. -rocate- (perfect tense -rurucuḥ- ; Aorist vy-arucat- ), to shine forth, be bright or radiant or conspicuous or visible etc. ; to appear as or like (Nominal verb) ; to outshine, excel (accusative) ; to please, delight (genitive case) ; (only perfect tense P.) to cause to shine, illuminate : Causal -rocayati-, to cause to shine, brighten, illuminate ; to find pleasure in, delight in (accusative)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., Ragh., Katha1s., Bhat2t2., RV., MBh., ib., R., RV. iv , 7 , 1 ; x , 122 , 5, RV., BhP., R., Hariv.
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