virāj विराज्

Definition: mf. the first progeny of brahmā- (according to , brahmā- having divided his own substance into male and female, produced from the female the male power virāj-, who then produced the first manu- or manu- svāyambhuva-, who then created the ten prajā-pati-s;the states that the male half of brahmā- was manu-, and the other half śata-rūpā-, and does not allude to the intervention of virāj-;other purāṇa-s describe the union of śata-rūpā- with virāj- or puruṣa- in the first instance, and with manu- in the second; virāj- as a sort of secondary creator, is sometimes identified with prajā-pati-, brahmā-, agni-, puruṣa-, and later with viṣṇu- or kṛṣṇa-, while in , he is represented as born from puruṣa-, and puruṣa- from him;in the , virāj- is spoken of as a female, and regarded as a cow;being elsewhere, however, identified with prāṇa-)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Mn. i , 32 , BhP., RV. x , 90, AV. viii , 10 , 24 ; xi , 8 , 30, IW. 22
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