vipluta विप्लुत

Definition: विप्लुत p. p. 1 Drifted about. -2 Drowned, submerged, deluged, overflowed. -3 Confounded, disturbed. -4 Ravaged, devastated. -5 Lost, disappeared. -6 Disgraced, dishonoured. -7 Ruined. -8 Obscured, disfigured. -9 Depraved, dissolute, profligate, guilty of lewdness; विप्लुतौ शूद्रवद्दण्ड्यौ Ms.8.377. -1 Contrary, reverse. -11 Turning out false; नैते वाचं विप्लुतां व्याहरन्ति U.4.18. -12 Agitated, troubled; भयविप्लुतमीक्षितो नभःस्थै- र्जगतीं ग्राह इवापगां जगाहे Ki.13.24. -तम् Springing, bursting asunder. -Comp. -नेत्र, -लोचन a. having the eyes suffused (with tears, joy etc.). -भाषिन् a. speaking confusedly, stammering.

Dictionary: Apte
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