viniyuj विनियुज्

Definition: A1. -yuṅkte- (rarely P. -yunakti-; see on ), to unyoke, disjoin, loose, detach, separate ; to discharge (an arrow) at (locative case) ; to assign, commit, appoint to, charge or entrust with, destine for (dative case locative case,or artham-) etc. (with sakhye-,to chose for a friend) ; to apply, use, employ ; to eat : Passive voice -yujyate-, to be unyoked etc. ; to fall to pieces, decay : Causal -yojayati-, to appoint or assign to, commit to (locative case,or arthāya-,or /artham-) etc. ; to entrust anything (accusative) to (locative case) ; to offer or present, anything (accusative) to (dative case) ; to use, employ ; to perform