vimukta विमुक्त

Definition: pp. √ muk: -kantha, °ree;-or -m, ad. (shout) at the top of one's voice, -tâ, f. loss of (g.), -maunam, ad. abandoning silence; -mukti, f. disjunction; setting at liberty; release, deliverance, from (ab., --°ree;); final emancipation; -mukha, a. having the face averted, turned backwards; turning away from any one (g.), departing disap pointed; averse to, abstaining from (ab., lc., g. w. upari, --°ree;); indifferent to (--°ree;); adverse (fate); --°ree;, lacking: -tâ, f. aversion to (lc., prati, --°ree;); -mukha-ya, den. P. render averse: pp. ita; -mukhî-karana, n. rendering averse to (--°ree;); -mukhî-kri, put to flight; turn any one away; render averse or indifferent to (ab., --°ree;); frustrate; -mukhî-bhâva, m. aversion; -mukhî-bhû, turn one's back, flee; turn away from (ab.): -mugdha, pp. √ muh: -tâ, f. foolishness, stupidity; -múk, f. (RV.) unyoking, alighting: vimuko napât, son of arrival, conductor (Pûshan); -mudrana, n. causing to expand.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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