vimardanam विमर्दनम्

Definition: विमर्दनम् ना 1 Pounding, crushing, trampling. -2 Rubbing together, friction. -3 Destruction, killing; कौरव्य मह्यां द्विषतोर्विमर्दनम् Bhāg.3.18.2. -4 An eclipse. -5 Fragrance, perfume. -6 Battle, war. -7 Trituration of perfumes.विमर्दित vimardita विमृदित vimṛditaविमर्दित विमृदित p. p. 1 Pounded, crushed, ground. -2 Rubbed. -3 Anointed, smeared.

Dictionary: Apte
Literary Sources:
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