vimala विमल

Definition: विमल a. 1 Pure, stainless, spotless, clean (fig also). -2 Clear, limpid, pellucid, transparent (as water); विमलं जलम्. -3 White, bright. -लः 1 An Arhat. -2 A magical formula recited over weapons. -3 A lunar year. -लम् 1 Silver-gilt. -2 Talc. -Comp. -अक्ष a. Having ten hair-curlings (आवर्त) (as a horse); तस्य सर्वगुणोपेता विमलाक्षा हयोत्तमाः Mb.3.161.24. -अद्रिः the mountain Girnār in Gujarāt (famous for its inscriptions). -दानम् an offering to a deity. -मणिः a crystal.

Dictionary: Apte
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