vilagna विलग्न

Definition: विलग्न a. 1 Clinging or sticking to, resting on, fastened on; आकुटिलपक्ष्मविलग्नम् Ś.7.25; Śi.9.2. -2 Cast, fixed, directed; पुरोविलग्नैर्हरदृष्टिपातैः सुवर्णसूत्रैरिव कृष्यमाणः Ku. 7.5. -3 Gone by, elapsed (as time). -4 Thin, slender, delicate; मध्येन सा वेदिविलग्नमध्या Ku.1.39; V.4.37. -5 Pendulous, flaccid (as breasts). -6 Caged (as a bird). -ग्नम् 1 The waist. -2 The hips. -3 The rising of constellations.

Dictionary: Apte
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