vikramāditya विक्रमादित्य

Definition: m. "valour-sun", Name of a celebrated Hindu king (of ujjayinī- and supposed founder of the [ mālava--] vikrama- era[ see saṃvat-],which begins 58 B.C. [but subtract 57-56 from anexpiredyear of the vikrama- era to convert it into A.D.];he is said to have driven out the śaka-s and to have reigned over almost the whole of Northern India;he is represented as a great patron of literature;nine celebrated men are said to have flourished at his court [see nava-ratna-],and innumerable legends are related of him all teeming with exaggerations;according to some he fell in a battle with his rival śāli-vāhana-, king of the south country or Deccan, and the legendary date given for his death is kali-yuga- 3044 [which really is the epoch-year of the vikrama- era];there are, however, other kings called vikramāditya-, and the name has been applied to king bhoja- and even to śāli-vāhana-) etc.