vikṣip विक्षिप्

Definition: विक्षिप् 6 P. 1 To throw about, scatter. -2 To throw, cast. -3 To divert. -4 To distract. -5 To extend, stretch out. -6 To reject, discard. -7 To press against. -8 To toss about. -9 To prepare, make up. -1 To bend (a bow); all these last four meanings can be seen in the following verse:-- रक्षांसि वक्षांसि च विक्षिपन्ति गात्राणि कान्तासु च विक्षिपन्ति । रूपाणि चित्राणि च विक्षिपन्ति दृढानि चापानि च विक्षिपन्ति ॥ Rām.5.5.12.

Dictionary: Apte
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