vikāra विकार

Definition: m. (in sāṃkhya-) a production or derivative from prakṛti- (there are 7 vikāra-s, viz. buddhi-,"intellect", ahaṃ-kāra-,"the sense of individuality", and the 5 tan-mātras- q.v;these are also producers, inasmuch as from them come the 16 vikāra-s which are only productions, viz. the 5 mahā-bhūtāni- q.v,and the 11 organs, viz. the 5 buddhīndriyāṇi-or organs of sense, the 5 karmendriyāṇi-or organs of action, and manas-,"the mind")

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: IW. 82
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