vigata विगत

Definition: विगत p. p. 1 Departed, gone away, disappeared. -2 Parted, separated. -3 Dead; विगतं तु विदेशस्थं शृणुयाद्यो ह्यनिर्दशम् Ms.5.75. -4 Destitute or devoid of, free from (in comp.); विगतमदः. -5 Lost. -6 Dark, obscured. -ता A girl in love with another (hence unfit for marriage). -तम् The flight of birds. -Comp. -असु a. dead. -आर्तवा a woman past child-bearing (in whom the menstrual discharge has ceased). -कल्मष a. sinless, pure. -क्लम a. relieved from fatigue; Ms.7.151. -भी a. fearless, intrepid. -लक्षण a. unlucky, inauspicious. -श्रीक a. unfortunate. -स्पृह a. indifferent, void of desire.

Dictionary: Apte
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