vidyā विद्या

Definition: f. knowledge (see kāla-jāta-v-), science, learning, scholarship, philosophy etc. etc. (according to some there are four vidyā-s or sciences, 1. trayī-,the triple veda-;2. ānvīkṣikī-,logic and metaphysics;3. daṇḍa-nīti-,the science of government;4. vārttā-,practical arts, such as agriculture, commerce, medicine etc.;and adds a fifth, viz. ātma-vidyā-,knowledge of soul or of spiritual truth;according to others, vidyā- has fourteen divisions, viz. the four veda-s, the six vedāṅga-s, the purāṇa-s, the mīmāṃsā-. nyāya-, and dharma- or law;or with the four upa-veda-s, eighteen divisions;others reckon 33 and even 64 sciences[ equals kalās-or arts];Knowledge is also personified and identified with durgā-;she is even said to have composed prayers and magical formulas)