vidura विदुर

Definition: विदुर a. [विद्-कुरच् P.III.2.162] Wise, intelligent. -रः 1 A wise or learned man. -2 A crafty man, an intriguer. -3 Name of the younger brother of Paṇḍu. [When Satyavatī found that both the sons begotten by Vyāsa upon her two daughters-in-law were physically incapacitated for the throne-Dhṛitarāṣṭra being blind and Paṇḍu pale and sickly-- she asked them to seek the assistance of Vyāsa once more. But being frightened by the austere look of the sage, the elder widow sent one of her slave-girls dressed in her own clothes, and this girl became the mother of Vidura. He is remarkable for his great wisdom, righteousness, and strict impartiality. He particularly loved the Pāṇḍavas, and saved them from several critical dangers.] -Comp. -नीतिः, -प्रजागरः Name of chapters 33 to 4 in the 5th Parva of Mahābhārata.

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