vidura विदुर

Definition: m. Name of the younger brother of dhṛta-rāṣṭra- and pāṇḍu- (they were all three sons of vyāsa-, but only the latter two by the two widows of vicitra-vīrya-;when vyāsa- wanted a third son, the elder widow sent him one of her slave-girls, dressed in her own clothes, and this girl became the mother of vidura-, who is sometimes called kṣattṛ-, as if he were the son of a kṣatriya- man and śūdra- woman vidura- is described as sarva-buddhimatāṃ varaḥ-and is one of the wisest characters in the mahā-bhārata-, always ready with good advice both for his nephews, the pāṇḍava-s, and for his brother dhṛta-rāṣṭra-) (see )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh., Hariv., Pur., IW. 376 ; 385
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