vidagdha विदग्ध

Definition: विदग्ध p. p. 1 Burnt up, consumed by fire. -2 Cooked. -3 Digested. -4 Destroyed, decomposed. -5 Clever, shrewd, sharp, subtle; नाविदग्धः प्रियं ब्रूयात् Pt.1. 164; U.4.21. -6 Crafty, artful, intriguing. -7 Unburnt or ill-digested. -8 Lovely, charming. -9 Respectable (as dress &c.). -1 Mature (as a tumour). -11 Tawny, reddish. -ग्धः 1 A wise or learned man, scholar; वृद्धा विदग्धाः प्रविशन्त्यत्र विप्राः Mb.3.133.5. -2 A libertine. -ग्धा A shrewd and clever woman, an artful woman. -Comp. -परिवृद्धता the turning acid and swelling (of food in the stomach). -परिषद् f. an assembly of clever people. -वचन a. clever in speech.

Dictionary: Apte
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