vicar विचर्

Definition: P. -carati-, to move in different directions, spread, expand, be diffused ; to rove, ramble about or through, traverse, pervade etc. ; to sally forth, march against, make an attack or assault etc. ; to wander from the right path, go astray, be dissolute ; to commit a mistake or blunder (with words) ; to run out, come to an end ; to stand or be situated in (locative case;applied to heavenly bodies) ; to associate or have intercourse with (instrumental case) ; to act, proceed, behave, live ; to practise, perform, accomplish, make, do etc. ; to graze upon, feed upon (a pasture) : Causal -cārayati-, to cause to go or roam about ; to cause to go astray, seduce ; to move hither and thither (in the mind), ponder, reflect, consider etc. ; to doubt, hesitate ; to examine, investigate, ascertain