vic विच्

Definition: (confer, compare vij-) cl.7 P. A1. () vin/akti-, viṅkte- (2. sg. vivekṣi- ; perfect tense viveca- , parasmE-pada vivikv/as- Aorist avaikṣīt- grammar; future vektā-, vekṣyati- ; infinitive mood vektum- ; indeclinable -vicya-. -vecam- ), to sift, separate (especially grain from chaff by winnowing) ; to separate from, deprive of (instrumental case) ; to discriminate, discern, judge : Passive voice vicy/ate- (Aorist aveci-) etc.: Causal -vecayati- (Aorist avīvicat-) See vi-vic-: Desiderative vivikṣati- grammar : Intensive (or cl.3. See ) vevekti- [ confer, compare Greek ; Latin vicesetc.]

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxix , 5, RV. vii , 3 , 4, AV., RV., ib., MBh., S3rS., Ka1v., RV., AV., Bhat2t2., RV. iii , 57 , 1, AV., Dha1tup. xxv , 12, Kaus3.
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