vibhāvanam विभावनम्

Definition: विभावनम् ना 1 Clear perception or ascertainment, discrimination, judgment. -2 Discussion, investigation, examination. -3 Conception, imagination; यदन्यदन्यत्र विभाव्यते भ्रमात् A. Rām.7.5.37. -4 Development. -5 Protection (पालन); यस्याङ्घ्रिपद्मं परिचर्य विश्वविभावनायात्तगुणाभि- पत्तेः Bhāg.4.8.2. -6 Looking, sight (दर्शन); पश्चिमां तु समासीनः सम्यगृक्षविभावनात् Ms.2.11. -7 Showing, manifesting; Ms.9.76 (com.). -ना (In Rhet.) A figure of speech in which effects are represented as taking place though their usual causes are absent; क्रियायाः प्रतिषेधे$पि फलव्यक्तिर्विभावना K. P.1.

Dictionary: Apte
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