vibhīṣaṇa विभीषण

Definition: m. Name of a brother of rāvaṇa- (his other brothers were kubera- [by a different mother] and kumbha-karṇa-;both rāvaṇa- and vibhīṣaṇa- are said to have propitiated brahmā- by their penances, so that the god granted them both boons, and the boon chosen by vibhīṣaṇa- was that he should never, even in the greatest calamity, stoop to any mean action;hence he is represented in the rāmāyaṇa- as endeavouring to counteract the malice of his brother rāvaṇa-, in consequence of which he was so ill-treated by him that, leaving laṅkā-, he joined rāma-, by whom, after the death of rāvaṇa-, vibhīṣaṇa- was placed on the throne of laṅkā-) etc.

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh., Hariv., R.
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