vi वि

Definition: ind. sometimes it gives a meaning opposite to the idea contained in the simple root (exempli gratia, 'for example' krī-,"to buy"; vi-krī-,"to sell") , or it intensifies that idea (exempli gratia, 'for example' hiṃs-,"to injure"; vi-hiṃs-,"to injure severely") . The above 3. v/i- may also be used in forming compounds not immediately referable to verbs, in which cases it may express"difference" (confer, compare 1. vi-lakṣaṇa-),"change"or"variety" (confer, compare vi-citra-),"intensity" (confer, compare vi-karāla-),"manifoldness" (confer, compare vi-vidha-),"contrariety" (confer, compare vi-loma-),"deviation from right" (confer, compare vi-śīla-),"negation"or"privation" (confer, compare vi-kaccha-,being often used like 3. a-, nir-,and nis-[qq. vv.], and like the Latin dis,se,and the Englisha,dis,in,unetc.)

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