viṣkambhaḥ विष्कम्भः

Definition: विष्कम्भः 1 Obstacle, hindrance, impediment. -2 The bolt or bar of a door. -3 The supporting beam of a house -4 A post, pillar. -5 A tree. -6 (In dramas) An interlude between the acts of a drama and performed by one or more characters, middling or inferior, who connect the story of the drama and the subdivisions of the plot by briefly explaining to the audience what has occurred in the intervals of the acts or what is likely to happen later on :-S. D. thus defines it :-- वृत्तवर्तिष्यमाणानां कथांशानां निदर्शकः । संक्षिप्तार्थस्तु विष्कम्भ आतावङ्कस्य दर्शितः ॥ मध्येन मध्यमाभ्यां वा पात्राभ्यां संप्र- योजितः । शुद्धः स्यात् स तु संकीर्णो नीचमध्यमकल्पितः ॥ 38. -7 The diameter of a circle. -8 A particular posture practised by Yogins. -9 Extension, length; तद्द्विगुणविष्कम्भं खाताद् वप्रं कारयेत् Kau. A.1.3; एषामन्तरविष्कम्भो योजनानि सहस्रशः Mb.6.6.6. -1 The first of the twenty-seven astronomical periods (योग).

Dictionary: Apte
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