anargha अनर्घ

Definition: अनर्घ a. [नास्ति अर्घो मूल्यं यस्य न. ब.] Invaluable, priceless, inestimable; अनर्घशीलः R.5.2; दत्ते$र्घे महति महीभृतां पुरो$पि त्रैलोक्ये मधुभिदभूदनर्घ एव ॥ Śi.14.88. -र्घः [न. त.] Wrong or improper value. -Comp. -राघवम् Name of a drama in 7 acts by Murāri Miśra; also called Murāri Nāṭaka after its author and supposed to have been written between the 12th and the 14th century.

Dictionary: Apte
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